AWS ElastiCache, Cluster, Sentinel, Single modes

Distributed objects (Geo, Publish/Subscribe, BloomFilter, AtomicLong ...)

Distributed collections (Map, Multimap, Set, SortedSet, List, Blocking Queue, Blocking Deque ...)

Distributed locks and synchronizers (Lock, FairLock, MultiLock, ReadWriteLock, Semaphore, CountDownLatch)

Distributed services (Remote service, Live Object service, Executor service, Scheduled executor service)

SpringCache integration

Hibernate integration

Supports Reactive Streams

Supports many popular codecs (Jackson JSON, Avro, Smile, CBOR, MsgPack, Kryo, FST, LZ4, Snappy and JDK Serialization)

Licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Code Quality Rank: L1
Programming language: Java
License: Apache License 2.0
Latest version: v3.18.1

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Redisson - Redis Java clientwith features of an in-memory data grid

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Based on high-performance async and lock-free Java Redis client and Netty framework.
Supported JDK: 1.8 ... 19 and Android
Supported Redis: 3.0 ... 7.0


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Success stories

Moving from Hazelcast to Redis / Datorama

Migrating from Hazelcast to Redis / Halodoc

Distributed Locking with Redis (Migration from Hazelcast) / ContaAzul

Migrating from Coherence to Redis

Quick start

compile 'org.redisson:redisson:3.18.1'  
libraryDependencies += "org.redisson" % "redisson" % "3.18.1"
// 1. Create config object
Config config = new Config();
       // use "rediss://" for SSL connection

// or read config from file
config = Config.fromYAML(new File("config-file.yaml")); 
// 2. Create Redisson instance

// Sync and Async API
RedissonClient redisson = Redisson.create(config);

// Reactive API
RedissonReactiveClient redissonReactive = redisson.reactive();

// RxJava3 API
RedissonRxClient redissonRx = redisson.rxJava();
// 3. Get Redis based implementation of java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentMap
RMap<MyKey, MyValue> map = redisson.getMap("myMap");

RMapReactive<MyKey, MyValue> mapReactive = redissonReactive.getMap("myMap");

RMapRx<MyKey, MyValue> mapRx = redissonRx.getMap("myMap");
// 4. Get Redis based implementation of java.util.concurrent.locks.Lock
RLock lock = redisson.getLock("myLock");

RLockReactive lockReactive = redissonReactive.getLock("myLock");

RLockRx lockRx = redissonRx.getLock("myLock");
// 4. Get Redis based implementation of java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService
RExecutorService executor = redisson.getExecutorService("myExecutorService");

// over 50 Redis based Java objects and services ...

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Redisson 3.18.1, Redisson node 3.18.1


Q: What is the cause of RedisTimeoutException?

Q: When do I need to shut down a Redisson instance, at the end of each request or the end of the life of a thread?

Q: In MapCache/SetCache/SpringCache/JCache, I have set an expiry time to an entry, why is it still in Redis when it should be disappeared?

Q: How can I perform Pipelining/Transaction through Redisson?

Q: Is Redisson thread safe? Can I share an instance of it between different threads?

Q: Can I use different encoder/decoders for different tasks?

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