Immutables v2.8.6 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-04-27 // over 2 years ago
  • Introduce KeyExtractor interface to Criteria for pluggable entity key definition and extraction. Other improvements in different backend implementations.

    👌 Support for Modifiables to extend an inner class/interface.


    👍 1. Add support for Modifiable to extend an inner class/interface by Mitch Halpin (67f8083)


    1. Pluggable KeyExtractor interface (3eb6958) 👍 2. Add projection support for iterable type(s) like List<String> (78c7c29) 👍 3. Add support for Fugue Option to CriteriaModel by Charlie La Mothe (207d631)


    ✅ 1. add tests for generating OQL expressions by Javad Moghisi (0c5e5e3)

    1. include order by direction in OQL by Javad Moghisi (5c3d15b) 👍 3. add support for Iterable Size and Contains to OQL Generator by Javad Moghisi (cfb514b) 👍 4. add support for String Operators to OQL Generator by Javad Moghisi(43f4fff)


    1. Use more efficient id lookups for key attributes in ElasticSearch backend (db4fa98)


    1. Add mongo optimization to convert $in/$nin into $eq/$ne for single element array (09c002c)

    Mongo Repositories (legacy)

    ⚠ 1. Fix suppress warnings for generated MongoDB repositories by André Rouél (1afdfa4)


    Thanks to all contributors! In no particular order: