javaslang-circuitbreaker v1.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-09-27 // about 2 months ago

    Issue #235: Added a TimeLimiter operator to resilience4j-reactor and resilience4j-rxjava2

    🔒 Issue #625: Fixed reliability and security issues raised by sonar

    Issue #626: Handle thread interruption consistently in Bulkhead and RateLimiter blocking methods

    ✅ Issue #634: Adapted resilience4j-metrics to latest changes in the CircuitBreaker

    🛠 Issue #646: Fixed CircuitBreaker 'XX' tried an illegal state transition from OPEN to OPEN

    0️⃣ Issue #607: Added a new config parameter to enable the CircuitBreaker and RateLimiter health indicator. They are disabled by default now.

Previous changes from v1.0.0

    • 0️⃣ Issue #607: Spring Boot HealthIndicators are by default disabled now
    • 👍 Issue #546: Added support for Spring Cloud Config
    • 👍 Issue #581: Enhancement in resilience4j-reactor and resilience4j-rxjava2 to better support the zip operator.
    • 👍 Issue #559: Added support for @FeignClient annotation
    • 🛠 Issue #560: Fixed bug when using a lambda fallback in Feign
    • Issue #547: Replaced the CircuitBreaker ring buffer implementation by a count-based and time-based sliding window implementation
    • 🛠 Issue #562: Fixed bug: Illegal state transition from CLOSED to HALF_OPEN
    • 🔧 Issue #568: Allow to configure exceptions which should be treated as a success in the CircuitBreaker.
    • 🔧 Issue #381: Allow to configure a slow response time threshold. If too many slow calls are recorded the CircuitBreaker opens.
    • 👍 Issue #488: Micrometer support for ThreadPoolBulkhead
    • 🛠 Issue #540: Fixed a bug where IDE did not recognize the auto config properties