Kamon v2.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-04-06 // about 2 months ago
  • One version to rule them all

    🚀 The one major achievement on this release is that from now on we will be releasing all our libraries together, using the same version number! No more tracking each library version independently of each other. The latest and greatest will be the same for all our libraries! It was quite a process to get here and if you are interested, all the related commits are linked on #626.

    👌 Improvements

    🚀 This release doesn't come without a couple improvements:

    • core : We included support for the Jaeger headers for Span data propagation. This was originally proposed by @slavaschmidt via #606 and got merged now.
    • prometheus : Thanks to @peavers (with yet another PR that was hanging around for long) Kamon got a new reporter that can push data to Prometheus' PushGateway! You see the details in the original PR: kamon-io/kamon-prometheus#33.
    • influxdb : The InfluxDB reporter now includes an extra "mean" field. This was contributed by @ornicar via kamon-io/kamon-influxdb#39

    🚀 Stop by our Gitter channel if you want to chat and enjoy the release!

Previous changes from v2.0.5

  • 👌 Improvements

    • The context Scope is now AutoCloseable. This allows for more ergonomic usage when combining it with try-with-resources, scala.util.Using, cats.effect.Resource or anything similar. Contributed by @liff via #637.

    Project Structure Changes

    • 🚀 This release will be the first automated release done entirely from Github Actions, which is the first step towards getting #626 done. All the core sources were moved to the core folder and soon, instrumentation and reporter folders will follow. Contributed by @ivantopo via 295da01