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Continuous Integration libraries

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  • Travis

    8.9 1.7
    Hosted service often used for open-source projects.
  • Concourse

    8.4 9.8 Go
    Provides dockerized pipeline with configuration that can be save in version control.
  • fabric8

    7.5 0.0 L2 Java
    Integration platform for containers.
  • Jenkins

    5.9 9.9 HTML
    Provides server-based deployment services.
  • Go

    - -
    ThoughtWork's open-source solution.
  • Hudson

    - -
    Continuous integration server still in active development.
  • Semaphore

    - -
    Hosted CI/CD service, free for open-source and 100 private builds with native Docker support.
  • TeamCity

    - -
    JetBrain's CI solution with a free version.
  • Bamboo

    - -
    Atlassian's solution with good integration of their other products. You can either apply for an open-source license or buy it.
  • CircleCI

    - -
    Hosted service that offers a free plan for small needs. Open source projects are given a free bigger plan. Designed to integrate with GitHub.
  • Codeship

    - -
    Hosted services with a limited free plan.