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  • ServiceTalk

    5.0 9.0 Java
    Framework built on Netty with APIs tailored to specific protocols and support for multiple programming paradigms.
  • AkkaGRPC

    4.4 6.7 Scala
    Support for building streaming gRPC servers and clients on top of Akka Streams.
  • Drift

    3.6 0.5 Java
    Easy-to-use, annotation-based library for creating Thrift clients and serializable types.
  • TLS Channel

    3.1 5.0 Java
    Implements a ByteChannel interface over SSLEngine, enabling easy-to-use (socket-like) TLS.
  • NetworkParser

    2.1 1.4 Java
    Framework for serialization to Json, XML, Byte and Excel, therefore an oviparous wool milk sow J