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Server libraries

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  • Apache Tomcat

    9.0 9.8 L1 Java
    Robust all-round server for Servlet and JSP.
  • nanohttpd

    8.9 2.1 L4 Java
    Tiny, easily embeddable HTTP server.
  • WildFly

    8.5 9.7 L2 Java
    Formerly known as JBoss and developed by Red Hat with extensive Java EE support.
  • Jetty

    8.4 9.8 L1 Java
    Lightweight, small server, often embedded in projects.
  • Undertow

    8.1 8.1 L2 Java
    Web server providing both blocking and non-blocking API’s based on NIO. Used as a network layer in WildFly.
  • Apache TomEE

    6.3 9.3 L2 Java
    Tomcat plus Java EE.
  • WebSphere Liberty

    - -
    Lightweight, modular server developed by IBM.