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  • v11.38.1

    April 30, 2019


    ♻️ #1691 Refactor io.ebean.Model to use a named database - support for use with non-default named database breaking-api refactor
    📚 #1686 Change the default JSON format to ISO8601 for date and datetime types (from epoch millis) behaviour change documentation refactor
    ♻️ #1688 Remove useless comparison test refactor - by thibaultmeyer
    ♻️ #1687 Fix implicit conversion from array to string refactor - by thibaultmeyer

    ♻️ #1683 Refactor MetaQueryPlan and MetaOrmQueryMetric - rename getQueryPlanHash() to getSqlHash() breaking-api refactor
    👍 #1681 Support hitting L2 bean cache via ... findList() with idsIn() expression bug

    ✨ Enhancements:

    #1689 ENH: Add query usingTransaction() and usingConnection()
    ♻️ #1685 Add support for MetaCounterMetrics and refactor DefaultServerCache to use them refactor
    👍 #1684 ENH: Support ISO date format for JSON marshalling on LocalDate, sql.Date etc enhancement
    👍 #1679 ENH: Support enabling/disabling L2 cache by "region" at runtime enhancement