Ebean ORM v12.1.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-10-13 // over 2 years ago
  • 🚀 Major release

    ⚡️ Note that this includes removal of "deleteMissingChildren" option for stateless updates (#1824) and also the removal of Private owned (#1826). These changes are the reason for the major version bump.

    ⚡️ Please review your use of "stateless updates" and the "deleteMissingChildren" option. Note that now instead the orphanRemoval attribute of @OneToMany is now used solely to control the deletion of "missing children / orphans".

    Major change Issues:

    ⚡️ #1824 Stateless updates - Remove update deleteMissingChildren option, instead always use orphanRemoval behaviour change breaking-api
    🚚 #1826 Remove PrivateOwned, migrate to orphanRemoval=true attribute on OneToMany


    #1843 #1837 - Inheritance on both sides of @manytoone confuses columns
    🔨 #1842 Refactor persisting to delay the setting of generated Id value (sequences and deferred imported ids) bug
    #1841 SqlServer findCount with @Aggregation gives SQLException:No column name was specified for column 2 of 'c' bug
    ⚡️ #1831 Update query with maxRows does not include the limit in the generated SQL bug enhancement
    #1840 exists() limits the max rows on the query, this should be done on a copy bug
    #1839 Fix JSON marshalling of @ElementCollection maps and scalar bug
    #1838 Fix for Joda LocalTime timezone handling for MySql bug
    #1836 NPE with findCount() on bean with @Aggregation, Regression in 11.45.1
    🔨 #1835 Refactor JDBC batch escalation and detection of deferred persist relationship (circular imported ids)
    #1834 DDL for ElementCollection that is referenced multiple times includes foreign key constraint bug
    #1833 When cascade persisting twice to ElementCollection ... we get do extra delete and inserts bug
    #1832 Cascade insert @ElementCollection when marshalled from JSON bug
    #1830 Bump ebean-migration dependency to 11.22.1 enhancement
    #1356 allQuotedIdentifiers must be respected by DDL bug
    #1829 Bump Jackson core dependency from 2.9.9 to 2.10.0
    ⚡️ #1656 Cascading update isn't propagated - use of merge() vs "stateless update" bug
    #1827 @UniqueConstraint columnNames should be respecting ebean.allQuotedIdentifiers bug
    🔨 #1821 Remove serverConfig updateChangesOnly mode ... as always true refactor removed-api

    ✨ Enhancements:

    #1823 ENH: Add query.findStream() and query.findLargeStream() enhancement