Gemini is a backend REST framework to automatically create CRUD REST APIs from scratch starting from a simple Schema definition called Gemini DSL.

Programming language: Java
License: Apache License 2.0
Latest version: v0.4.1

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  • Retrofit

    Type-safe REST client.
  • Dropwizard

    Opinionated framework for setting up modern web applications with Jetty, Jackson, Jersey and Metrics.
  • Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.
    Sponsored scoutapm.com
  • Spark

    Sinatra inspired framework.
  • Feign

    HTTP client binder inspired by Retrofit, JAXRS-2.0, and WebSocket.
  • rest.li

    Framework for building robust, scalable RESTful architectures using type-safe bindings and asynchronous, non-blocking IO with an end-to-end developer workflow that promotes clean practices, uniform interface design and consistent data modeling.
  • RESTEasy

    Fully certified and portable implementation of the JAX-RS specification.
  • Swagger

    Swagger is a specification and complete framework implementation for describing, producing, consuming, and visualizing RESTful web services.
  • Rapidoid

    A simple, secure and extremely fast framework consisting of embedded HTTP server, GUI components and dependency injection.
  • RestExpress

    Thin wrapper on the JBoss Netty HTTP stack to provide scaling and performance.
  • RAML

    6.1 3.5 L5 gemini VS RAML
    Modeling language to generate REST APIs with contract first.
  • Microserver

    A convenient extensible Microservices plugin system for Spring & Spring Boot, with over 30 plugins and growing, that supports both micro-monolith and pure microservices styles.
  • Restlet Framework

    Pioneering framework with powerful routing and filtering capabilities, unified client and server API.
  • Jersey

    JAX-RS reference implementation.
  • RestX

    Framework based on annotation processing and compile-time source generation.
  • Crnk

    Implementation of the JSON API specification to build resource-oriented REST endpoints with sorting, filtering, paging, linking, object graphs, type-safety, bulk updates, integrations and more.
  • Hexagon

    The atoms of your platform
  • StubbornJava

    Unconventional Java code for building web servers / services without a framework. Think dropwizard but as a seed project instead of a framework. If this project had a theme it would be break the rules but be mindful of your decisions.
  • Restler

    Automatically generates a web service client at run time by analyzing its annotated Spring controller interface

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A Model Driven Framework to automatically expose CRUD REST APIs and that manages everything else

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Gemini is a backend REST framework to automatically create CRUD REST APIs from scratch starting from a simple Schema definition called Gemini DSL. Briefly Gemini automatically handles for you:

  • Data Storage: creating all persistence stuff (tables, relations and so on)
  • API controllers: creating common REST CRUD controllers for each DSL Entity
  • Swagger API documentation: creating the openapi language-agnostic interface to RESTful APIs
  • Authentication: by using Spring OAuth2 and JWT tokens
  • API callbacks: to add business logic with ease

Quick Start & Documentation

To use Gemini take a look at the documentation.

You can use Docker to start in minutes.


Gemini is in early stage of development. The best way to contribute is to checkout the project and try it. Then we can speak about new features, improvements and roadmap on gitter or social platforms.


Apache License 2.0

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the gemini README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.