JDBI v2.7.0 Release Notes

    • A TimingCollector was added which can be registered on the DBI or handle which then gets called with nanosecond resolution elapsed time every time a statement is run against the data base.
    • 🚚 re-added some Exception constructors that were accidentially removed in 2.3.0 making 2.4.0-2.6.x non-backwards compatible.
    • Bind java.util.Date as a timestamp because it contains time and date.
    • 📦 BasicHandle constructor is now package private (which it always should have been)
    • ➕ add Clirr Report to the Maven Site
    • convert all calls to System.currentTimeMillis() to System.nanoTime(), which is more accurate and much more lightweight. As we only calculate time differences, it is good enough.
    • 🛠 fix more compiler warnings
    • ➕ add null checks for all object types on SqlStatement
    • 🚚 move object null checks, that don't require boxing/unboxing into the Argument classes. Keep the checks for object/primitive types in SQL to avoid boxing/unboxing overhead.