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Logging libraries

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  • kibana

    9.7 10.0 L3 JavaScript
    Analyzes and visualizes log files. Some features require payment.
  • logstash

    9.5 9.0 L4 Ruby
    Tool for managing log files.
  • graylog

    8.7 9.8 L4 Java
    Open-source aggregator suited for extended role and permission management.
  • Logback

    7.9 6.2 L4 Java
    Robust logging library with interesting configuration options via Groovy.
  • DistributedLog

    7.6 1.8 L1 Java
    A high performance replicated log service.
  • SLF4J

    7.3 6.9 L4 Java
    Abstraction layer which is to be used with an implementation.
  • Apache Log4j 2

    6.8 9.2 L3 Java
    Complete rewrite with a powerful plugin and configuration architecture.
  • p6spy

    6.3 5.9 Java
    Enables logging for all JDBC transactions without changes to the code.
  • Logbook

    5.1 8.8 L5 Java
    Extensible, open-source library for HTTP request and response logging.
  • tinylog

    3.9 8.1 L2 Java
    Lightweight logging framework with static logger class.
  • OpenTracing Toolbox

    3.5 8.6 Java
    Collection of libraries that build on top of OpenTracing and provide extensions and plugins to existing instrumentations.
  • Tracer

    3.3 8.4 L5 Java
    Call tracing and log correlation in distributed systems.
  • Herald

    2.6 0.0 Java
    Log annotation for logging frameworks

    - -
    Tool for managing log files.