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This is the primary repository for the OpenJML project. The active issues list for OpenJML development is here and the wiki contains information relevant to development. Public documentation for users is at the project website. In particular, there is a tutorial, a JML reference manual, an OpenJML Reference Manual, and other resources.

The OpenJML tool is currently up to date with openjdk-17-ga (as of 7 December 2021).

The website for the Java Modeling Language itself is here and discussions about language features and semantics are on the issues list of the JML Reference Manual project.

Releases numbered 0.16.X and following are installed simply by unzipping the downloaded release file into an empty directory of the user's choice. The release includes the executable file openjml, which implements OpenJML, the executable openjml-java, which is a build of Java 17 that incorporates the OpenJML runtime library and can be used to run programs compiled with openjml to include runtime assertion checks.

On Mac OS, you may need to execute the mac-setup script so that the Mac security system allows the OpenJML libraries to be executed. The 0.16.X series of releases do not need a particular version (or any version) of Java installed.

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