Realm v10.0.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-11-06 // 6 months ago
  • 💥 Breaking Changes

    • None.

    ✨ Enhancements

    • 👌 Improved the error message for NoSuchTable errors. In some cases an outdated native reference was used,but the table was still there. In those cases an InvalidTableRef error is now used.

    🛠 Fixes

    • 🏗 [RealmApp] The SyncConfiguration.Builder.allowQueriesOnUiThread flag was wrongly initialized to false keeping users from running queries from the UI thread when using synced Realms. It now defaults to true, allowing queries to be run from the UI. (Issue #7177, since 10.0.0)
    • Crash with Assertion failed: m_method_id != nullptr with (method_name, signature) = ["<init>", "(Ljava/lang/String;)V"] when Minify is enabled. (Issue #7159, since 10.0.0)
    • 🛠 Fix crash in case insensitive query on indexed string columns when nothing matches (Cocoa issue #6836, since v10.0.0)
    • 🛠 Fix list of primitives with nullable values where Lst::is_null(ndx) always false even on null values, (Core issue #3987, since v10.0.0).
    • 🛠 Fix queries for the size of a list of primitive nullable ints returning size + 1. (Core issue #4016, since v10.0.0).


    • ⬆️ File format: Generates Realms with format v20. Unsynced Realms will be upgraded from Realm Java 2.0 and later. Synced Realms can only be read and upgraded if created with Realm Java v10.0.0-BETA.1.
    • 🚀 APIs are backwards compatible with all previous release of realm-java in the 10.x.y series.
    • Realm Studio 10.0.0 or above is required to open Realms created by this version.


    • ⚡️ Updated to Realm Sync: 10.1.0.
    • ⚡️ Updated to Realm Core: 10.1.0.
    • ⚡️ Updated to Object Store commit: fd246c54de7d1fee6bcbeb3609de75a4eccd5b70.