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Continous Integration for yGuard

yGuard is an open-source Java obfuscation tool. With yGuard it is easy as pie :cake: to configure obfuscation through an extensive ant task.

yGuard is brought to you by yWorks GmbH, creator of the family of graph and diagram visualization frameworks yFiles and other fine products.

Obtaining yGuard

Recent yGuard releases can be downloaded from GitHub, or used from Maven central directly.

Legacy code ported from retroguard under LGPL is compiled into a seperate archive called retroguard-${VERSION}.jar.

Previous releases may still be downloaded from the yWorks download center.


An online version of this documentation is available.

Additionally, yGuard is distributed with usage instructions. In your distribution, the docs folder contains informtion about yGuard. In order to properly view the offline documentation, a web server is needed. A quick way to accomplish this is using:

cd docs/
python3 -m http.server 4000


To build yGuard you will need Java >= 7 and Gradle.

Once installed you can build yGuard using gradle build.

Using IntellIJ with yGuard

yGuard will be loaded without further ado from IntellIJ thanks to the Gradle integration. Opening the yGuard folder will set up Gradle and mark sources, tests and resources accordingly.

Using this repository with a wrapper

This repository does not contain a copy of the Gradle wrapper. There has been extensive discussions about this topic, however committing a binary file to a VCS is simply considered bad practice.

If you prefer to use the wrapper, you can always generate it yourself with an installation of Gradle at hand:

gradle wrapper --gradle-version 5.2.1

If you do not have an installation of Gradle, you may use a workaround.