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JVM And JDK libraries

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  • Graal

    9.4 10.0 Java
    Polyglot embeddable JVM. (GPL-2.0-only WITH Classpath-exception-2.0)
  • OpenJ9

    7.7 9.8 Java
    High performance, enterprise calibre, flexibly licensed, openly governed cross platform Java Virtual Machine extending and augmenting the runtime technology components from the Eclipse OMR and OpenJDK project.
  • Dragonwell8

    7.7 6.9 Shell
    Downstream version of OpenJDK optimized for online e-commerce, financial, logistics applications.
  • SaaSHub will help you find the best software and product alternatives
  • Avian

    6.2 2.4 L1 C++
    JVM with both a JIT & AOT modes. Includes an iOS port.
  • Adopt Open JDK

    5.5 9.2 Shell
    OpenJDK builds which allows to choose between HotSpot and OpenJ9.
  • SAP Machine

    3.9 10.0 Java
    SAP's no-cost, rigorously tested and JCK-verified OpenJDK friendly fork. (GPL-2.0-only WITH Classpath-exception-2.0)
  • Liberica JDK

    2.7 5.9 Dockerfile
    Built from OpenJDK, thoroughly tested and passed the JCK.
  • ParparVM

    1.8 -
    VM with non-blocking concurrent GC for iOS.
  • Open JDK

    - -
    Open JDK distributed by Oracle.
  • Corretto

    - -
    No-cost, multiplatform, production-ready distribution of OpenJDK by Amazon.
  • Zulu OpenJDK

    - -
    OpenJDK builds for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X through Java 8.
  • Zulu OpenJDK 9

    - -
    Early access OpenJDK 9 builds for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
  • OpenJDK

    - -
    Open-source implementation for Linux.
  • RedHat Open JDK

    - -
    RedHat's OpenJDK distribution.
  • JDK 9

    - -
    Early access releases of JDK 9.
  • Zulu

    - -
    OpenJDK builds for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.