Spatial4j is a general purpose spatial / geospatial ASL licensed open-source Java library. It's core capabilities are 3-fold: to provide common shapes that can work in Euclidean and geodesic (surface of sphere) world models, to provide distance calculations and other math, and to read & write shapes from formats like WKT and GeoJSON. Spatial4j is a project of the LocationTech Industry Working Group of the Eclipse Foundation.

If you are working with spatial grid-square indexing schemes, be it Geohash or something custom, then you are likely to find especially high utility from Spatial4j -- doubly-so for Apache Software Foundation projects due to restrictions on use of LGPL software there (Spatial4j is ASL but JTS is still LGPL).

Spatial4j is well tested; it's monitored via Travis-CI continuous integration (plus another Hudson build) and we use Codecov for code coverage.

If you are interested in contributing to Spatial4j please review the contribution guidelines.

Code Quality Rank: L4
Programming language: Java
Tags: Geospatial    

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